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$150K Cash for Your Business
10 Year Term Loan
6.25% Interest*

Independence Bank's Cool Cash Connect gives your small business the cash you need when you need it.

  • Working Capital loans up to $150,000
  • Easy Monthly Payments
  • Pre-Qualification in as little as 1 Business Day
  • Funding in as little as 10 business days
  • For more than $150,000 click here
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Details of Offer

Loan Size $5,000 - $150,000
Pre-Payment Penalty None
Term 10 Years
Rate Variable, WSJ Prime 2.75%, Currently 6.25%
Bank Fee 2% of Loan Amount, paid from Loan Proceeds
Referral Fee Up to 2% of Loan Amount, paid from Loan Proceeds (if applicable)
Legal Fee Approx. $500, paid from Loan Proceeds
Security Personal guarantee, and a lien on all business assets
Safety Your information is secure - we never sell customer data
Industry Over 700 different industries, including restaurants, retailers and other service providers 
Time in Business Required to be in business 2 years
Min Credit Score  660

Welcome to Independence Bank and Cool Cash Connect – the home of the “150-10-6.25” loan - where we are introducing the gateway to EXTRA CASH! The new "150 – 10 – 6.25" loan product. Up to $150,000 in Working Capital with a 10 Year term, 6.25% interest, and with a low monthly payment. We know you work hard for your money, that’s why we are giving you a 10 year term and a 6.25% rate. No hype, just straight talk and action. We designed the “150-10-6.25” loan for business people like you. Compare – you’ll be glad you did! Pre-Qualification in as little as 1 day, funds in as little as 10 days! CoolCashConnect.com. Independence Bank is the bank that "gets it", making business loans since 1996. Real people service every loan we make. We are all about business, making loans to business people. Fast, reliable, easy, and secure. Apply today at CoolCashConnect.com and deal direct with a local bank. Remember our "150 – 10 – 6.25" Loan Product! 

CoolCashConnect.com Independence Bank, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Member FDIC. 

*Loans have a variable rate of the WSJ Prime Rate plus 2.75%. The current WSJ Prime Rate is 3.50% and is subject to change. The monthly payment amount is based on the current variable rate.

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